Cacao Ceremony - 18th june 2-4pm

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The Cacao Ceremony 

Join us June 18th at Urban Health and Yoga where we will gather for a spiritual cacao ceremony, connecting with this ancient plant medicine and with ourselves. Malika will guide you through an afternoon of gentle movement, meditation and journaling. 

If you allow it, the cacao plant will lead you through an exploration of your emotional world. 

The Cacao ceremony stems from both Aztec and Mayan cultures.  During these ceremonies, cacao is offered up to the gods by pouring the first sip into a bonfire, while the rest is then consumed as a thick chocolaty drink. The body can then receive the blessings of this plant. Recipes and proper preparation of the cacao plant are passed down from generation to generation and this amazing tradition has been a part of traditional bonding rituals with nature while opening up to ones true self. 

Max 12 participants - Everyone is welcome to join.

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